Course Highlights

Applying RightPath Resources in Hiring & Selection

Hiring the right people is crucial for an organization’s success. Hiring managers who attract and place skilled, motivated and equipped people play a key role in building high-performing teams. However, the hiring, selection & placement process is fraught with ambiguity and unconscious bias which can lead to placing the wrong people in the wrong positions.

RightPath Resources’ Talent Acquisition Certification is a six-hour certification that equips hiring professionals to use objective behavioral tools to increase the accuracy of the hiring process by up to 75%. While many hiring managers only focus on experience, technical knowledge and training, hiring managers who complete the Talent Acquisition certification course are equipped go a step further by analyzing each candidates’ hard-wired behavior and the fit for the position.

The course covers best practices in the hiring, selection and placement process. By following the RightPath method for assessing job fit, hiring managers are equipped to reduce bias, increase objectivity and improve accuracy in the hiring and interview process.

Participants will learn how to:
• Analyze job descriptions to identify key behavioral traits
• Create a job fit template to measure the degree to which each candidate fits each position
• Identify behavioral interview questions to assess candidate self-awareness
• Create candidate summary reports for leadership to use in final interviews

Quick Tips

To prepare yourself for an optimal learning experience, please review the checklist provided.

  • Lessons can be completed at your own pace.

  • Learning is interactive. You will be asked to submit assignments and exercises along the way

  • Be prepared for note-taking - bring paper, pen, phone notes, or whatever your preferred method.