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Hiring the right people is crucial for an organization’s success. Hiring managers who attract and place skilled, motivated and equipped people play a key role in building high-performing teams. However, the hiring selection process is fraught with ambiguity and unconscious bias, which can lead to placing the wrong people in the wrong positions. RightPath Resources’ Talent Acquisition Certification is a six-hour certification that equips hiring professionals to use objective behavioral tools to increase the accuracy of the hiring process by up to 75%. While many hiring managers only focus on experience, technical knowledge and training, hiring managers who complete the Talent Acquisition Certification course go a step further by analyzing each candidates’ hard-wired behavior and the fit for the position. By following the RightPath method for assessing job fit, hiring managers are equipped to reduce bias, increase objectivity and improve accuracy in the hiring and interview process.
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Chris Fuller, CSP is an Award-winning, International Leadership Speaker, Author, and Consultant with over 25 years' experience in many aspects of business and organizational effectiveness. 

Chris' passion is serving businesses and business leaders through the development and strategic growth of their people. He has delivered keynotes and facilitated strategic sessions for an impressive list of companies from startups and mergers to Fortune 50. His experience in business and in working with such clients yields valuable best practice insights.